Laurel Hubber Consulting helps family-owned businesses address their unique challenges with purpose and wisdom.

Approximately 80% of all businesses worldwide are family-owned. Husband and wife teams, parents and kids, brothers and sisters, cousins – regardless of their shape, size or location, family businesses make a vital and positive contribution to local, national and global economies.

So from the outside things can appear pretty rosy. On the inside it can be a completely different story! Too often, family members struggle to work together and keep a positive balance between the family and the business. The consequences can be devastating at worst, unhealthy and unproductive at best.

The good news is there are many ways – big and small – to build a stronger and healthier family business. The bad news is, doing nothing isn't one of them. If you're "stuck", or if you simply want to "do better", it's time to ask for help. There's just too much at stake not to.

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I worked with Laurel to help a company address the impact of the recent recession. Laurel played a critical facilitation and often leadership role, as we executed a combination of downsizing, process improvement, and business and asset rationalization to help the company maximize profits. While the results speak volumes, Laurel's greatest strength is her unassuming style that helps a wide range of people to trust her enough to put the "real issues" on the table. She then helps leadership to focus on these issues, and use their collective knowledge of them to create a viable, winning and lasting change process supported by a wide range of stakeholders. The change process pays dividends well into the future both corporately and personally. I would highly recommend Laurel's work in complicated and challenging organizational transitions.

Rob Alexander
President, R. Alexander & Co., Chairman of Toyota Motor Sales Supplier Alliance and former CEO, Algonquin Automotive and Hidden Hitch™