Succession Planning

Plan with purpose

Successfully transitioning a business from one generation to the next is one of the most challenging tasks family business owners face.

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Leadership Coaching

Set the business up for success

We offer leadership and transition coaching to individuals, management teams and families. And, we are especially passionate about developing confident, capable and respected next generation leaders and decision-makers.

External coaching is widely accepted as a best practice for accelerating leadership development, and can be particularly helpful for next gens working within the complexity of a family business. Our unique coaching approach is ideal for family businesses that want the next generation to grow into their highest potential and:


Step away from the everyday "busyness" of business

Our retreats give you a much-needed opportunity to slow down and reflect on what matters most to your family and your business.

A sampling of our retreat packages:

  1. All wheels aligned
    Check in with your family to ensure personal, family and business goals and priorities are updated, understood and aligned. Like a tune-up for your car, only a lot more meaningful.
  2. Walk a mile
    A team-building opportunity for families who work together. Strengthen relationships with the people you think you already know.
  3. The seeds of legacy
    Who are you as a family? What do you stand for? Create a values-based family "brand" identity that future generations can connect to – whether they work in the business or not.
  4. Transition time
    Do the unthinkable. Take a day off to focus on your inevitable exit from the business. We don't mind if you come kicking and screaming. Just come. And don't forget to bring your spouse along!
  5. Learning adventures
    For business families who have the basics in place and want something more. Discover and develop the intergenerational capacities for leadership in your family through experiential learning.

My name is Richard Tozer and I own and operate a small construction company in Milton, Ont. My son has also worked for the company since his early 20's along with a longstanding associate and true friend who plans to retire within the next few years.

Becoming of the age to envision the future of my decades long endeavour in the construction business it was my presumption that my son would take over the company as I seek retirement. My only other child would be compensated accordingly, bequeathed upon my death some healthy portion of my estate. I knew of course, that it is more complex than this and began the journey to discover just how much more complicated it actually is. I knew I was going to need help.

Fortunately I met Laurel Hubber. For the next year and a half Laurel met with me regularly, met with my team regularly, as a whole and also individually. After each meeting she documented and presented the meetings discussions and outlined tasks according to the discussions that needed to be accomplished within a certain timeframe. And then we met some more until we had truly worked through to appropriate succession of the company in an organized professional manner. Once that was done Laurel then advised how to manage all the other facets of family inheritance.

Through the time spent with Laurel, I discovered my son did not want to take over the company. This came as a surprise to me and let me say that if it was not for Laurel helping us through these soul searching times I'm certain the outcome would not have been so rosy. We have struggled through the years balancing our work/family life and with Laurel at our sides we have emerged through these challenging times with the love and respect for each other that we both, my son and I, value and hope for our family to come. Laurel showed us the way and we could not have done it without her.

At first when we were discussing fees for her services, I must admit, I hesitated. I could not appreciate at that time the depth of her knowledge, not only in business but psychologically her understanding of people and the dynamics of family in business together. Her experience has been invaluable to me in particular when dealing with the most precious thing in my life, the well being of my family that hinges upon the health and management of our business.

I would advise anyone who owns a family business to work with Laurel. Her services are invaluable.

Richard Tozer
President & Owner, Jarlian Construction